Grappler Winch 10,000lbs 6HP


Grappler Winch- 10,000lbs 6HP
Genuine Dyneema Synthetic Rope
3 Stage Gears, 218:1 Ratio
Remote Mount Control Box With Built In Isolator Switch
Wired / Wireless Operation

Gain the confidence to do more than ever before with this Off-Road Armour Grappler Winch. The Off-Road Armour Winch Range offers refined, modern styling, upgraded performance, and the dependability that you can rely on for years to come. Whether you’re on a challenging Mud Trail, or stuck in soft sand, this reliable Off-Road Armour Winch will get you there.

Dyneema Synthetic Rope- The high-flexibility and low weight of a Synthetic Rope make it much easier to handle than the traditional steel cable. Additionally, it won’t develop the burrs that sometimes occur on steel cable, therefore making it safer to handle.

Winch Blanket/Damper- This can be used for Winch Lines or Snatch Straps. In the rare event of a rope snapping, this Damper will absorb the energy in the rope, which will lessen the recoil.

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Installation Price List


  Part/Accessory type


  Trims / Bonnet Guards / Visors   From $35*
  Fender Flares   From $180*
  Nudge Bars   From $100*
  Bull Bars   From $400*
  Grills   From $70*
  Rear Step Tow Bar with Wiring   From $300*
  Tow Bar with Wiring   From $180*
  Roll Bars   From $200*
  Roof Racks   From $100*
  Lighting   From $200*
  Cladding/Bonnet Scoop   From $100*
  Roller Lid   From $240*
  Tri-Fold   From $50*

  Running Boards/Side Steps

  From $250*

  Cargo Barriers   From $250*
  Other/Not Listed   $100/Hour*


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Terms and Conditions


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